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Food and Foodservice Packaging

Experience increased operating efficiencies from our portfolio of specialty engineered materials designed for the food & foodservice packaging industry.

High Efficiency Extruded Plastic Sheet

Impact-Plastics-Microwaveable-Form-Fill-and-Seal-Food-PackagingImpact Plastics’ specialty engineered high efficiency extruded plastic sheet for the food & foodservice packaging industry is designed to help customers increase process yield and maximize operating efficiencies. Our precision thin gauge materials are held to the tightest tolerance industry wide, designed to optimize laminating and coating applications to streamline form fill and seal processes.

Materials available for the food & foodservice packaging industry include:

  • Polypropylene
  • High Impact Polystyrene
  • PET

Specialty Materials & Capabilities

In addition to our offering of commodity thermoplastic resins, the Impact Plastics team is continually innovating to bring unique custom solutions to the market.  Read about our specialty materials & capabilities for the food & foodservice packaging industry:

UltraClear Polypropylene Sheet

A highly efficient and aesthetically pleasing commercial packaging material with a transparency and clarity comparable to PET and OPS, UltraClear Polypropylene sheet is setting a new standard for clarity in polypropylene sheet.  UltraClear Polypropylene offers a wide variety of benefits over other clear plastic packaging materials including:

  • Impact-Plastics-Food-Packaging-UltraClear-PPClarity
  • Lowest polymer density
  • Lowest weight
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Microwaveable

Check out our Specialty Products page to learn more about the features and benefits of UltraClear Polypropylene.

Clarified Impact Copolymer PP

903D PP Food CupsImpact’s 903D Clarified Impact Copolymer PP sheet provides the ultimate balance of properties – offering the stiffness characteristic of a homopolymer, the toughness of an impact copolymer, and the clarity of a random copolymer, all in one single-resin solution. Typical impact copolymers are characterized by a cloudy or milky appearance in their natural state, leaving consumers with no choice but to sacrifice clarity in order to achieve the balance of properties required for certain applications. But with Impact 903D PP sheet, consumers can now experience the same properties, even at low temperatures, without sacrificing clarity and aesthetics.

Check out our Specialty Products page to learn more about the features and benefits of 903D PP Sheet

Barrier Grade Polypropylene

Impact Plastics has developed a proprietary grade of Oxygen and Moisture Barrier grade PP – without the use of a barrier film!  In the food packaging industry oxygen and moisture barrier properties are critical specifications for many applications to help ensure the shelf life of the product.  When it comes to moisture, polypropylene possesses inherent moisture barrier properties. When it comes to oxygen barrier properties, however, PP is not traditionally seen as an effective oxygen barrier, and suitable Oxygen Transmission Rates typically must be achieved through the use of laminate films.

Check out our Specialty Products Page to learn more about our barrier grade PP!

Mineral Filler Blending Capabilities

impact-plastics-calcium-carbonate-filled-polypropylene-sheetWorking with polypropylene sheet for the first time often presents new challenges for thermoformers including shrinkage, low rigidity, and low stiffness. The addition talc or calcium carbonate mineral fillers can help remedy these problems while contributing added benefits compared to resin-only formulations.  Impact Plastics has implemented a high-sensitivity blending system for precise and homogenous blending of mineral fillers into polypropylene.

High ESCR Grade HIPS

impact-plastics-high-escr-hipsThis material also has good Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR). Some plastics, when exposed certain chemicals, exhibit brittle stress cracks or fractures that, in the absence of this surface-active environment, would not otherwise occur.  The ability of a polymer to resist the environmental stress cracking over time is called ESCR.

Applications for butter or margarine cups, for example require a material with a high ESCR because the fatty acids in the product attack the material over time.  In recent tests, Impact’s grade of high ESCR HIPS outperformed competing materials and withstood the chemical attack by more than twice the amount of time.

Anti-Fog Clear Polypropylene

What is fog? Your meteorologist will tell you that fog is a visible cloud of water droplets that begin to form when water vapor condenses into tiny liquid droplets suspended in the air. Similarly, fog seen on the surface of clear plastic packaging is the result of the condensation of water vapor on the surface of the material.

Fog on the surface of the packaging can reduce shelf appeal and even impact the quality of the product. To help combat this, anti-fog additives and treatments can be used during processing of the plastic sheet.  Impact Plastics combats this by using internal anti-fog additives, or compounds that lower the surface tension the water droplets, improving transparency and eliminating the fogging effect.

Certifications & Audits

TUV Certification Mark 010616All extruded plastic sheet for food & foodservice packaging applications is produced in a clean manufacturing environment.  Impact Plastics manages relationships with raw materials suppliers to create a fully integrated supply chain with full traceability downstream.  Our materials and additives are compliant with all necessary FDA requirements for food contact applications.  In addition, our processes are third party audited to ensure that your food & foodservice packaging materials comply with the stringent quality, safety and traceability requirements that have become the standard in todays increasingly competitive market. Impact Plastics is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.

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Additional Information

Check out some more information on our materials for the food & foodservice packaging industry!

Data Sheet Downloads

All Polypropylene Data Sheets Download: Check out our PP products to see which is best suited for your food packaging needs!

Download All PP Data Sheets

All HIPS Data Sheets Download: Check out our HIPS products to see which is best suited for your food packaging needs!

Download All HIPS Data Sheets

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