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High Impact Polystyrene

High Impact Polystyrene from Impact Plastics is highly customizable, versatile, and suitable for a variety of applications and end use markets.

About High Impact Polystyrene

PS RICHigh Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is a form of polystyrene (PS) that carries with it a higher impact strength. Homopolymer PS can often be brittle, and can be made more impact resistant if combined with other materials. This form of PS typically is produced by adding around 5-10% rubber or butadiene copolymer. This increases the toughness and impact strength of the polymer and results in a very stiff product ideal for packaging applications.

Due to the versatile nature of this material, HIPS from Impact Plastics is available in various grades and is suitable for applications in the cosmetics, display, food & foodservice, medical, horticultural, industrial and custom thermoforming markets.

Impact 1210 HIPS

  • Impact-Plastics-Coextrusion-Materials-HIPS-PolystyreneSuper-high impact strength HIPS
  • Multilayer ABA and AB coextrusion available in custom formulations
  • Available in custom sizes, colors and surface finishes
  • 1210 HIPS is USP Class VI certified for medical device applications
  • 1210 HIPS is approved for food contact applications

Impact 1205 HIPS

  • Medium-impact strength HIPS
  • Compatible with lamination applications.
  • Ideal for critical registration and pattern laminations
  • 1205 HIPS is USP Class VI certified for medical device applications
  • 1205 HIPS is approved for food contact applications

Impact 1207-ESD

  • Impact-Plastics-Capabilities-ExtrusionDesigned to impart excellent anti-static properties to extruded High Impact Polystyrene sheet
  • Internal anti-static agent that assists in eliminating electrostatic problems
  • Available in temporary as well as permanent.
  • Surface resistance of 10^6 Ω/sq. – 10^11 Ω/sq.

Impact 1209-ESD

  • Designed to impact excellent conductive properties to extruded High Impact Polystyrene sheet
  • Permanent internal anti-static agent that assists in eliminating electrostatic problems
  • Surface resistance of 10^3 Ω/sq. – 10^5 Ω/sq.

Impact 2420 Clear

  • Crystal clear, light weight and super tough
  • Designed for fast cycle thermoplastic applications for medical, food, and cosmetic packaging
  • Available in a wide variety of tints and surfaces, and compatible with additives such as anti-fog, glitter and pearlescent
  • 2420 Clear HIPS is approved for food contact applications

Utility Grade HIPS

HIPS is a thermoplastic polymeric material that can be re-heated and reprocessed for re-use into other applications. Impact offers a recycled utility grade of HIPS to providing our customers with an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to virgin resins.  HIPS is not FDA approved or suitable for food contact applications.

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Custom Surfaces & Finishes

The versatile nature of HIPS allows us to offer our customers a variety of customization options including

  • Cosmetic_Home PageHigh-Gloss COEX surface
  • Matte surface finish
  • Custom color match including pearl, iridescent & metallic colors
  • Custom Embossing including small square, diamond plate & brushed metal
  • Custom laminates including mylar, mirror, & wood grain
Additional Information

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Data Sheet Downloads

1210 HIPS: Super-High Impact HIPS Sheet

Download 1210 HIPS Data Sheet

1205 HIPS: Medium-Impact HIPS Sheet

Download 1205 HIPS Data Sheet

1207-ESD HIPS: Electro-static Disapative HIPS

Download Data Sheet

2420 Clear HIPS: Crystal Clear HIPS

Download Data Sheet

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Download all of our HIPS data sheets here:

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