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Extruded using high-performance polyolefin materials, TPO from Impact Plastics is targeted for applications where both good low temperature ductility and impact strength are key specifications.

About TPO

Thermoplastic Olefin, or TPO is a combination of polymer and filler blends typically consisting of thermoplastic material, such as block copolymer polypropylene, an elastomer or rubber, and mineral filler such as calcium carbonate or talc.  This material is ideal for applications for industrial markets where material durability for long-term use are integral to part function.

This material PO is frequently used in interior and exterior automotive applications as a replacement for more traditional materials such as metal and other engineering thermoplastics.  As a result, TPO needs to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and exposure to UV light. Today there are many grades of TPO available that offer UV protection through the use of special additive packages that prevent custom colors from fading due to sun exposure over an extended period of time.  In addition, this material provides the optimum balance of stiffness, cold temperature impact, and low thermal expansion, making it ideal for applications where weatherability and durability to all conditions is crucial.

impact-plastics-automotive-bumper-thermoplastic-olefin-tpoThese qualities are perhaps the leading reason why this polymer has found a home in Automotive and Industrial markets. In both of these markets, the finished part will have exposure to heat and cold, and will need to keep its shape while allowing for limited thermal expansion or contraction. Imagine if on a hot summer day the bumper on car started to expand and cracked! As automotive companies began to shift from traditional metal materials to materials like TPO, avoiding problems like this was at the top of their list of requirements when qualifying replacement materials.

TPO sheet can be laminated with decorative and paint films achieves the durability and aesthetics required to maintain the high quality surface in applications where scratch and mar resistance is critical.  Our extruded TPO sheet is ideal for thermoformed parts used in demanding applications such as:

  • Household appliances
  • Interior and exterior automotive parts
  • Industrial equipment
  • Recreational vehicles

Custom Grades

With continued advancements in technology, both on the resin production side and the extrusion side new specialty grades of TPO with specialty properties continue to emerge. Impact Plastics recommends testing of the material for every new application and custom tailors TPO formulations to meet the customers ultimate goals for their project.

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Data Sheet Downloads

1410M TPO: Performance TPO

Download 1410M TPO Data Sheet

1420G TPO: General Purpose TPO

Download 1420G TPO Data Sheet

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