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At Impact Plastics we are committed to integrating sustainable practices into our everyday operations that reduce our carbon footprint and compliment the efficiency of our processes. Over the years, we have identified and implemented opportunities to reduce, re-use and recycle by developing alternatives to materials, methods and machinery that are the more environmentally responsible and sustainable choice.  Continue reading to learn more about our sustainability efforts!

Air Make-Up System

The installation of our high efficiency Air Makeup System has reduced company wide consumption of natural gas by converting to a process heating system. This conversion allows our production facilities to control the air flow in and out of the building, effectively eliminating the need for natural gas as a heating source, all while reducing contamination within our production facility and creating a more comfortable working environment.

impact-plastics-solar-energy-system-sustainabilitySolar Energy System

Through the implementation of a new solar energy system, energy consumed at our Putnam, CT factory will be supplemented with solar energy, offsetting current on-site electric usage with clean, renewable, solar energy.  Through the addition of this system we will generate over 14 million kWh of clean energy over a period of 25 years.

Utility Grade

Impact plastics offers utility/recycled grades of the materials we produce to offer our customers an economic and environmentally friendly alternative to virgin resins. The nature of our processes allow us to take already processed materials that would otherwise be waste and re-use it in a utility grade material designed for non-critical applications. Not only is the re-use of the material a sustainable way to cut down on waste, but it allows us to provide a lower cost alternative for our customers.  Utility grade material from Impact Plastics is not FDA approved.


Rail Sites

Through implementation of rail sites at each production facility as our primary means of raw material delivery we have been able to significantly reduced company wide fuel consumption. Using this method for our raw material delivery allows for company-wide fuel consumption savings of thousands of trucks per year.

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